POS provides a customized invoice and statement processing service. So you can focus on your business' profitability.

POS-I-BILL® Invoice & Statement Processing

Want a surefire way to take the headache out of billing? POS-I-BILL® Invoice and Statement Processing can help. After all, when your customer billing invoice and statements are easy to understand, you'll improve customer satisfaction – and increase collections.

Here's what you can expect to do when you implement POS-I-BILL:

  • Accelerate and increase payments
  • Lower billing and collection costs
  • Improve the customer experience
  • Allow customers to pay in preferred method
  • Reduce number of customer billing calls

Past Due & Final Notices
A "past due" and "final notice" strategy can accelerate your revenue cycle and collect overdue balances without handing over a significant portion of your revenue to a collections agency.

Establish a system that involves regular statements, past due notices and final notices - mailed at designated intervals and each with a unique look.

POS helps companies collect balances with customized past due and final notices that make it clear to the customer that payment is due.

Online Bill Pay & E-Bill
POS offers an online billing solution that includes e-statements. When you utilize the POS-I-BILL solution, Online Bill Pay and e-statements can work in concert or independently of one another. This solution allows you to bill customers and collect balances to improve collections, decrease A/R cycle time, simplify internal A/R processes and improve customer satisfaction.

Benefits of Online Bill Pay & e-Statements

  • Enables customers to view and pay paper or electronic bills online
  • Branded Online Bill Pay website with your logo, colors and customized text
  • Generates customer invoice and statement run exactly the same way as you do today
  • Allows you to send paper or electronic statements, based on customer's preference